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Welcome to the Red Web website


Red Web offers a complete integrated service for the internet and CD-Rom presentations, and as part of the Red Film Co. we are readily able to incorporate film or video into your site, or presentation.

Most of our websites are for small and medium size businesses, although we have the expertise and resources to develop projects of any size and complexity.

We offer consultation on every aspect of the internet -

  • getting online, registering and hosting your domain name (your web address)

  • creating your website - "What is this website for?" and            "How will it earn its keep?"

  • guidance on revising your present website.

  • answer all your questions about the internet

We provide a full website design and creation service. This service also includes -

  • copy writing
  • producing photographs, audio or video
  • creating animations and other graphics

We are also very happy to manage your existing site. Often companies produce a website in a wave of enthusiasm, but then find they do not have time to keep it up to date. We offer various solutions to this problem, from sites that you can update online, to giving us the responsibilty to keep your site up to date.

No project is too small - take a look at the web portfolio page to see the range of sights we have produced.

Although a large proportion of our output is now web oriented, CD-Rom and multimedia programmes remain major strengths.

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