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CD Rom Programmes

With the phenomenal popularity of the web, CD Rom programmes have been overlooked recently. However they remain the best medium to disseminate a large body of information in a multimedia format -

  • to train inform and educate people
  • to sell or promote products and services
  • to publish content

CD Rom programmes can contain multilingual text, audio, video, graphics and animation, all instantly available to the user in an interactive format.

Because it is multimedia it is possible to include media you have already produced -

  • give a new lease of life to a video
  • reuse graphics that you already own
  • incorporate copy that you have already produced

Red Web has produced many CD Rom programmes, a selection of these are presented below:

  • GSI are a leading geophysics consultancy. They required a corporate promotion CD-ROM that would be able to present their services to both non technical clients, such as developers and petrol companies, as well as engineers who require detailed technical information.

    It is difficult to illustrate the depth and complexity of a CD-Rom presentation. Click on the image on the right to see an outline demonstration of just one aspect of this presentation.
  • Klopman International chose Red Web to produce a major CD-ROM publication to become "the encyclopaedia of workwear fabric". The presentation encompasses every facet of the production of corporate clothing, from manufacture, through design, aftercare and legal requirements. This presentation made use of the library of videos the company had already produced.
  • e-pass was only a concept until we created a touch screen kiosk presentation for the Smart Card Exhibition. We brought the concept to life, demonstrating the full potential of this product. As well as devising the presentation, we had to design a 3D smart card that allowed the user a choice of six colour and one or two screens.
  • Maths Made Easy puts the content of a popular book series used to teach numeracy to young children on to CD. The set of two CD-Roms runs to several hundred animated pages with voice over assistance. Throughout, the child's competitive instincts are prodded gently, and completion of each section brings appropriate praise - National Curriculum Maths with the feel and fun of a computer game!

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